Lennox® Garage Heaters

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With a Lennox® garage heater in Kearney, Nebraska, from Thurston Heating & Air Conditioning, you can discontinue departing a warm home and getting into a chilly vehicle during the middle of winter.

Heaters also help stop cold startups, keeping your car running smoothly all year.

Plus you can utilize your space for those tasks you’d only work on when the weather’s nice. And provide a safe area for animals during frigid days.

Our space heaters are offered in differing sizes and masses to meet your requests. Speak with heating and cooling professionals right away at 308-624-3485 and we’ll help you find the appropriate kind for your house.

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4 Perks of Heating Your Space

Lennox garage heater

Setting up your new unit is a snap since the equipment is fully assembled and hooked up. And all the heaters we carry are produced with a low-profile cabinet to allow more overhead space and freedom.

Here are additional perks of heating up your garage or workspace during the winter:

  1. Keeps your vehicle warm during nasty weather.
  2. Heats up hard-to-heat other areas or bedrooms atop your garage.
  3. Gives a comfortable spot for your workspace year-round.
  4. Delivers a warm space for pets and plants, despite the temperature outside.

Have difficult-to-heat areas where dust, soot or stuffiness is a problem? Talk to us about adding a different combustion part.

We’ll Help You Select the Correct Garage Heater

Adding a garage heater gives you the opportunity to work on your activities throughout the year. Or maximize your satisfaction on chilly days.

We can help you identify the most fitting equipment for your space and funds. Call us at 308-624-3485 or contact us online to get started today.

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