Everyones Home is Unique and Thurston Heating & Air Conditioning Has the Versatile Gas-Fired Steam Boiler For You.

Thurston Heating & Air Conditioning in Kearney has the perfect gas-fired steam boiler to keep your home warm and comfortable year after year. The Lennox® GSB8-E comes with exceptional benefits. Our team is happy to install yours, or help you repair your home’s steam boiler.

GSB8-E Boiler

This boiler is superior to other standard-efficiency boilers with it’s 82.7% AFUE* rating, cast-iron heat exchanger and titanium burners. The GSB8-E will deliver cozy, comfortable warmth for years to come.

  • Electronic ignition monitors water temperature and ignites the burner only when needed
  • Vent damper increases efficiency by closing automatically when the boiler turns off
  • Thick fiberglass insulation helps minimize off-cycle heat and energy loss
  • Burns natural gas or can be converted to LP gas
  • Works with traditional radiator and underfloor heating systems
  • Electronic low water cut-off
  • Large steam chest and multiple supply connections reduce noise
  • Available in seven different sizes to fit your home’s particular needs
  • 12-year limited warranty on heat exchanger, 1-year limited warranty on remaining covered parts
GSB8-E Boiler
Efficiency Rating (AFUE): up to 82.7

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*Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measures how efficient the appliance is in converting its fuel’s energy into heat over the course of a year.