Breathe Easier After an Indoor Air Quality Audit

When you’re in your home, you want to be comfortable. You also want to stay healthy and breathe clean air. That’s not always a possibility when your indoor air quality issues aren’t monitored. Indoor air quality covers everything from allergens and mold to excessive humidity and stale air, and it’s key to maintaining a healthy home. But how do you measure the quality of your home’s air? It’s simple – just have Thurston Heating & Air Conditioning in Kearney come out for an indoor air quality audit.

We’ll conduct tests analyzing your temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulates (dust) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to identify areas needing improvement. We’ll also share tips on where and how to make adjustments that lead to better air quality. Some of our methods may involve determining where pollutants enter the home and sealing those points to cut back the number of particles that can enter the home. Our Kearney indoor air quality audits could also look for ventilation inside your home and opportunities to expand or improve your air flow.

For more information on an indoor air quality audit, call Thurston Heating & Air Conditioning in Kearney. Schedule your audit today calling us or using our online scheduler. We’ll help you obtain a healthier home in no time.